Expert says harassment cases ‘tip of the iceberg’

Sue Ball
Sue Ball
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THE issue of sexual harassment in the workplace is currently making global headlines, covering sectors and industries from Hollywood to Westminster.

As a result, head of employment at Verisona Law Sue Ball is calling for employers to confirm that they have the correct procedures in place to deal with inappropriate behaviour.

When asked about the recent media coverage, Sue said: ‘This really is the tip of the iceberg.

‘People who have been affected will now be assured of its severity, find strength to come forward and businesses must be prepared for difficult and delicate situations that require the utmost sensitivity and compassion.’

Sue has issued five tips to combat the problem, recommending companies have an HR department that can deal with issues or concerns raised regarding this type of behaviour.

Sue also suggests companies have an official policy on workplace behaviour, that staff have a discreet, confidential channel of communication to raise any concerns, that policies are highly visible to staff and that all line managers are fully briefed and receive regular training on how to appropriately receive, manage and support any issue brought to them.