Failure to launch as new airline cancels all flights

Powdair was set up to specialise in flights to ski resorts
Powdair was set up to specialise in flights to ski resorts
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Thousands of customers have been affected after a key investor walked away from a new airline launch.

Powdair was set to launch on December 11, planning to fly passengers from Southampton and five other UK airports to Sion in Switzerland.

However the couple behind Powdair are now asking for £3m from potential investors and could be facing collapse after the firm’s key investor ‘walked away’ from the project.

The business has cancelled all of its upcoming Christmas flights.

The airline was set up by Zoe Ombler and Nick Davis.

In a statement posted on its website, the team said that the reason behind the main investor’s decision to leave was due to ‘The collapse of Monarch and Air Berlin, followed by one of our preferred aircraft operators Swiss Adria (Darwin), plus speculation regarding the impact of Brexit on European aviation was summarised in a high profile article.

‘Our investor was not from an aviation background and withdrew their support, and with it our ability to launch the airline for this winter.’

Over 5,000 people who were due to fly with Powdair this Christmas will be refunded while the business delays its launch so that it can reopen with ‘solid funding’.

The statement went on to say that the company plans to relaunch in 2018 and hopes to operate its own aircraft.