Fareham couple win battle with UGG after boots ruined in the rain

Brian and Jean Crabb
Brian and Jean Crabb
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A COUPLE who were both shocked and disgusted at the dismissive way they were treated by a shoe retailer have celebrated a win over the company.

Brian Crabb had bought his wife Jean a pair of coveted UGG designer boots for Christmas, but they were ruined when she wore them to the local shops and got caught in a shower of rain.

The furious couple found themselves at loggerheads with UGG after they returned the up-market fashion footwear to the Gunwharf store for a refund or replacement, only to learn the firm were determined to put the boot in.

Brian argued the boots weren’t fit for purpose because they weren’t waterproof, and Jean hadn’t been given appropriate product care information at the time of sale.

Streetwise agreed UGG were potentially flouting fair trading law, and alerted Portsmouth City Council trading standards.

They contacted UGG to remind brand holder Deckers of their legal obligations. As a result Jean was walking back to happiness when they wrote to her and agreed they’d replace the boots after all.

The couple told Streetwise that they were satisfied UGG had made amends and had finally treated them fairly.

‘We got there in the end,’ Jean said, ‘but we couldn’t have done it without you.’