Fareham firm secures cooling project in the US

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KEEPING cool under the Californian sun will be made easier thanks to a Fareham-based firm.

Aqua Cooling, which has its headquarters in Segensworth Road, has secured a $30m contract to install cooling systems in the US, in partnership with the company USystems.

Aqua’s LPS leak prevention technology and rear door Coldlogik cooling systems will be installed on hi-tech barges moored off the Californian coast.

Data centre projects manager Mike West said he was thrilled about the new project.

Mr West said: ‘We are delighted to be working on such an exciting and large-scale project.

‘With California droughts frequently making headline news and an increasing need for businesses all over the world to cut costs and save energy, our products offer ideal solutions in America and beyond.

‘Winning this US contract is of particular significance to Aqua.

‘Not only did the brief presented specific technical challenges that our design engineers were able to overcome, but also because it highlights Aqua’s ability to meet the demands of complex, high-profile and long-term international projects.’

Designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, Aqua’s cooling system makes use of natural resources by recycling river water.

The water passes through a heat exchanger to cool the data centre equipment and is then returned in a 100 per cent pure state to the bay.

The cooling project represents the largest development of rear-door technology in the world.

It is part of the first stage of a long-term scheme being undertaken by a US start-up data storage outsourcing firm, which is poised to launch a series of floating facilities in the San Francisco Bay area and elsewhere.