Fareham IT firm warns of ‘spambot’ targeting email addresses

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A FAREHAM IT firm is warning people to be extra vigilant for fraudulent emails after details of a major spamming operation emerged.

Known as the ‘spambot’, the technology has a list of 711.5 million email addresses which it targets with malware.

Taylor Made Computer Solutions has said it is likely that hundreds of people in the Portsmouth area could have been targeted.

Managing director Nigel Taylor urged people to change passwords regularly and be suspicious of any emails received.

He said: ‘This kind of malware seeks to trick people into giving over details that gives hackers access to their bank accounts.

‘If they have been hit, they will fall into one of two categories.

‘In the first scenario, the hackers may only know their email address. In that instance, all they can do is hit you with spam in the hope that they can trick you into giving away more information, like your bank details or passwords.

‘With that in mind, we’re urging everyone to be extra vigilant for spam emails right now. They can look very convincing, purporting to be from your bank, delivery company or even your supermarket. If you have any doubt, don’t open it.’