Fidget spinners which ‘can puncture skin’ discovered on sale in UK

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Fidget spinners which can puncture skin have been discovered on sale in the UK.

A BBC Watchdog investigation found spinners on sale on Ebay failed safety tests because they were in the form of a ‘shuriken’ - known as a ‘ninja star’ and is an offensive weapon in this country.

Tests carried out for the programme showed they could damage eyes and puncture skin.

Researchers bought three of the spinners from the bidding website, and they were tested out by blades expert Professor Sarah Hainsworth.

The spinner were originally designed to help children with autism deal with stress but have become a playground craze.

Ebay confirmed to the BBC that the dangerous spinners would be removed from sale.

The full investigation will be shown on Watchdog on BBC One tonight at 8pm, and later on the BBC iPlayer.