Firm offers free child consultations

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Mediation firm Mediation Now has shown its support for family mediation week by launching free child consultations as part of its service.

‘The government’s recommendations clearly put children at the heart of the family justice system,’ said Claire Webb, director of Mediation Now, which has offices in Havant, Emsworth and Fareham.

‘We have long supported the notion that the starting point for discussions regarding suitable care arrangements should be finding out the feelings and thoughts of children themselves.’

After an initial discussion with parents, a mediator is joined by another to meet with their child or children.

The meeting is then carried out in accordance with all safeguarding guidelines and lasts no more than an hour.

Both mediators will then attend a feedback meeting with parents to explain, without betraying any confidences, what was discussed during the child consultation and enter into any discussions.

Claire added: ‘We have offered child consultations since we founded Mediation Now back in 2007, but now we have made the decision to bring it into our standard service, free of charge.’

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