Fit for anything as gym-wear venture takes off

Ollie Biddle and Steve Field  P{icture: Habibur Rahman 170513-192505006
Ollie Biddle and Steve Field P{icture: Habibur Rahman 170513-192505006
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A LOCAL gym-wear company has taken the market by storm after being founded just over a year ago.

Think Fit was founded at the beginning of last year by Ollie Biddle, of Waterlooville, and offers a variety of clothing for fitness fanatics.

The brand is focused on supporting young bodybuilders and fitness fanatics in the UK who are not getting the recognition they deserve.

Ollie, 22, said that he decided to set up his own business after he longed for a new challenge.

The business has remained as local as possible through its journey.

Ollie said: ‘We started from nothing and through the entire journey, we stayed local and used local businesses to support us. We’re a local business, we care about what we do. We are very passionate about it. It’s only getting bigger and bigger.’

Ollie said that the customers are at the forefront of the business, and the clothing designs reflect that.

The brand has designed specific gym-wear tops that have rubber logos to ensure no rub and the leisure tops are designed to hold no moisture.

He added: ‘We haven’t just stuck a logo on another top like a lot of companies do.

‘We have spent time with designers and I think our products really reflect that.’

Ollie said it took a while for the business to take off but now they are shipping worldwide.

Ollie said: ‘It took us two months to make the first sale because we had nothing, just an idea. Now we’re shipping worldwide and have six ambassadors in Texas.’

The brand is dedicated to supporting every fitness goal someone may have and are constantly looking for ambassadors to join their team to represent their brand and to support them through their journey.

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