Five things you need to know when returning faulty items

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HERE are five facts you need to know when returning a faulty product.

Shopper Stephen Windsor was initially refused a refund when he tried to return a broken torch from Lidl.

Here are some facts about the Consumer Rights Act 2015:

1) Under the act, shoppers have a number of rights when returning faulty goods. Products must be:

- fit the description

- fit for purpose

- be of satisfactory quality

They should all apply at the time of purchase.

2) If a product is not fit for purpose, fit the description or of a satisfactory quality, the retailer is legally obliged to remedy the problem.

3) Consumers are entitled to a full or partial refund, repair or a replacement if a fault appears within six years and it is reasonable for the goods to last that long.

4) If a shopper complains about faulty goods within six months from the date of purchase, it is for the retailer to prove the goods were not defective at the time of purchase.

5) Retailers are not obliged to issue receipts – it’s not a legal requirement.