Garage owner confirms site will be turned into car park

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OWNERS of a garage which is rumoured to be closing to become a car park have confirmed it is true.

HKS Retail, which runs the BP petrol station in Forton Road, Gosport, said the garage will be closing after it was bought by Lidl.

The superstore is next door to the garage and will be using the site first as a car park. Long-term plans would see the shop extended.

A spokesman from HKS Retail said: ‘We can confirm that the garage will be closing as Lidl have bought the land.

‘It will become a temporary car park but Lidl hope to build an extension to their current store.’

Staff at the garage will be made redundant but they have been offered the chance to apply for jobs at Lidl.

The spokesman added: ‘For the wider community, Lidl expanding is the better option and will provide more than what the BP garage could.

‘It is sad that staff members will be losing their jobs but Lidl have kindly offered them the opportunity to apply for jobs there.

‘Once the store is expanded, the chance for new jobs in the area will outweigh the jobs that have been lost.’

The garage will close on May 31.