Gas leaks forced partial closure of busy Portsmouth road

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A GAS distribution company has said a number of gas leaks forced the partial closure of a major Portsmouth road.

Work is being done to seal up a gas main underneath the eastbound carriageway, in Western Road, which is leaking.

It comes after motorists faced delays travelling in and out of the city this morning.

The firm anticipates the road will be re-opened by Thursday.

Hannah Brett, a Southern Gas Networks spokeswoman said: ‘We are currently carrying out emergency repairs to our gas main in Western Road, Cosham.

‘Our gas main runs diagonally underneath the eastbound carriageway so we have had to temporarily close the road (eastbound only) while we complete the repairs to this section of our network. A signed diversion is in place.

‘We appreciate this is an extremely traffic sensitive location and our engineers are working hard to carry out our repairs as quickly as possible.

‘At this stage, we anticipate we will complete our repairs, restore the road surface and reopen the eastbound carriageway by Thursday.

‘We apologise to motorists for any inconvenience while we carry out this urgent repair work and we’d like to thank everyone for their patience.’

She added: ‘We are resealing leaking joints on our gas main under the eastbound carriageway.

‘While we are working in the road to make these repairs, we are resealing all the joints in this section of our network to ensure a safe and reliable gas supply while minimising further inconvenience to motorists.’

As reported, bosses from Southern Gas Networks and Portsmouth City Council met this morning about the situation, and City Wide Taxis revealed how taxi passengers were facing delays.

Queues have also stretched back on the M275.

The council is adjusting road signals in the area to ensure traffic flows smoothly.