Gosfest: Gosport Borough defend decision to hold Eventures event

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GOSPORT Borough Football Club has defended its decision to let Eventures hold an event at the clubhouse tonight.

The football club has addressed speculation that the club is linked to Eventures who are behind the music festival Gosfest.

The company has organised a Ladies Night at the GDL Stadium Clubhouse tonight with people expected to turn up to question director Chloe Palmer about Gosfest.

The festival has been cancelled after they had not secured a venue and their three headline acts pulled out.

A statement from the football club said: ‘The club wishes to make it very clear that there is no direct link between Eventures Ltd and ourselves or any club member of staff as has been alleged on social media, comment pages and forums.

‘Some have suggested that Eventures should not be allowed to stage any event on Gosport Borough Council owned land.

‘The GDL Stadium may be council owned, but as is widely known, leased to the football club who are the tenants.

‘As sitting tenants the club may enter into a contract with anyone who wishes to hire the facilities should it so wish.

‘Any individual, organisation, charity or third party may book the clubhouse at Privett Park in a private contract between themselves and the staff who run the venue.

‘Anyone is entitled to do this.

‘Eventures booked tonight’s event many months ago, before Gosfest ran into difficulties.

‘We repeat that, other than a long standing contract to supply the venue to Eventures Ltd for tonight’s event, Gosport Borough Football Club has no connection to either this event or Gosfest itself.

‘Therefore any insinuations of any link from Gosfest to the club or to its chairman Mark Hook are completely unfounded and false.

It added: ‘The club has become aware of heavy social media activity. This has included suggestions that, people seeking explanations and answers with regard to Gosfest may try to disrupt the event or seek out the organisers.

‘Furthermore, that a large group of people are planning to do this.

‘We appeal for anyone who may intend to attend the club to seek out the Gosfest organisers, to reconsider.

‘While we completely sympathise with anyone who may be angry and upset with regards to the festival, the only losers will be those people attending the event simply looking for an enjoyable evening.

‘We urge people to also consider the fact that they are unlikely to gain anything from disrupting this event.

‘This release, we believe, has made our position perfectly clear.

‘Other than a perfectly legitimate hire contract, Gosport Borough Football Club has no links to Eventures Ltd, Gosfest or its organisers and firmly reject any claims to the contrary.