GosFest organisers pin their hopes on new farmland site

CHEERS! Fans enjoying the music at last year's GosFest
CHEERS! Fans enjoying the music at last year's GosFest
  • Application has been submitted to council advice group by Gosfest organisers Eventures
  • Company says applications are submitted by them a lot for different events
  • But council leader confirms application is for same weekend as Gosfest
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THE organisers of problem-hit music festival GosFest are hoping to host the event on land in Fareham.

An application has been put in to the Safety Advisory Group of Fareham Borough Council by the organisers of the event, Eventures International Ltd, to use Newlands Farm, off Stroud Green Lane.

Newlands Farm

Newlands Farm

GosFest has been without a venue since Gosport Borough Council told Eventures that it could not use council-land for any of its events.

Director Chloe Palmer confirmed they had submitted the application.

The News can reveal it is for an event running the same weekend as GosFest is planned for – July 30 until August 2.

Fareham Borough Council leader Sean Woodward said: ‘I can confirm that Eventures has submitted the application to the Safety Advisory Group for an event from July 30 until August 2.

Newlands Farm has been used in the past for other fairs and small festivals

Councillor Sean Woodward

‘Newlands Farm has been used in the past for other fairs and small festivals.’

According to the council’s website, the application was submitted on May 5 and is for a licence.

Cllr Woodward added: ‘As with any application like this, the applicant will have until May 27 to write an event management plan, which will be discussed by the Safety Advisory Group, the police, the fire services and the public.

‘Then the licencing panel will consider the application.

‘They will consider public safety, public nuisance, crime and disorder and protection of children from harm.

‘Advice from the Safety Advisory Group will be considered before a meeting and decision is made on June 3, which the applicant is invited to.’

In a statement, Gosport Borough Council said it took the provisional booking for the festival on the condition that the organisers did not advertise they had the site.

This was to allow the council to make sure relevant insurances were in place.

But Eventures went ahead and said it was staging the event at Stokes Bay.

Ms Palmer said: ‘We did put in an application to the Safety Advisory Group at Fareham council.

‘But we put in a lot of these applications up and down the country because as a company we run other events apart from GosFest.

‘We have to put them in to meet deadlines for the events.’