Gosport associations will work together to address IFA2 concerns

What the interconnector IFA2 site at Daedalus in Lee-on-the-Solent would look like
What the interconnector IFA2 site at Daedalus in Lee-on-the-Solent would look like
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TWO residents’ associations have joined together to address concerns about plans for an electricity plant.

The Peel Common and Lee-on-the-Solent organisations will be working with Gosport councillors about their issues for the new IFA2 interconnector planned for Daedalus.

The plant – which will not generate power – will be used to import and export electricity to and from France when needed.

National Grid wants to build the interconnector at the enterprise zone which is near the Peel Common ward of Gosport.

A spokesman from the Peel Common Residents’ Association said: ‘Our committee have discussed at length the proposed site of the National Grid converter and have agreed to work with the Lee Residents’ Association.

‘We also want to work with councillors to have our concerns addressed.

‘In principle, we accept National Grid’s requirement to find a site for the converter but question how this new preferred site of Daedalus has been chosen over the initial preferred site of Chilling, near Warsash.’

Members of the association say their main concern is the location of the generator in a residential area.

‘We want to know if National Grid took into consideration the fact that they are proposing to place the interconnector close to three schools,’ the spokesman added. ‘It is known that there will be noise problems and possible electrical radiation from the converter station.’

As reported in The News, councillors in Gosport had supported residents’ views about wanting more of a say on the plans.

They argued although the land falls within the ownership of Fareham Borough Council, it is close to Gosport residents who would be affected most by the proposal.

Fareham council would lease the land to National Grid to build the £500m project which would be linked to Caen and be capable of exchanging 1,000MW of power between the two countries. More than 120 miles of undersea cables would be used to transfer the electricity.

Residents were invited to a series of public consultations in December.

For information on the plans visit ifa2.nationalgrid.com.