Gosport Borough FC owes £14,000 to firm after court order

DEBT The home of Gosport Borough Football Club at Privett Park in Privett Road, Gosport.  Picture: Sarah Standing (1355-6020)
DEBT The home of Gosport Borough Football Club at Privett Park in Privett Road, Gosport. Picture: Sarah Standing (1355-6020)
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GOSPORT Borough Football Club faces paying back more than £14,210 to a festival firm after ignoring its claim.

A county court judgment seen by The News shows the club must pay £14,000 plus £210 costs to former councillor David Smith, of DLP Festival Management.

Mr Smith is a former Lib Dem opposition leader and independent councillor at Gosport Borough Council.

He said he did not want to comment about why the claim had been made.

He said: ‘It’s a private matter between my company and the football club.’

A source told The News the festival firm is trying to recover money from the football club after an event the Gosport-based company ran for the club in May 2012.

The source also confirmed that a Liverpool-based debt collection company, Daniels Silverman, was pursuing the club on behalf of DLP Festival Management. An employee from the debt collection company refused to comment.

The judgment from Northampton County Court Bulk Centre is dated October 24, 2012 and the full amount to be paid will accrue interest to that date.

It says the defendant, Gosport Borough Football Club, did not reply to an initial claim form and must now pay.

It warns if the judgment is ignored the club’s goods may be removed and sold.

Gosport council leader Mark Hook is also chairman of the football club. He said there is no risk to the club but refused to give any details about the judgment and said if supporters had concerns about the club they could approach him at matches.

Cllr Hook said: ‘It is a private matter between us and the company and there’s no comment on that.’

It comes as the club owes £7,000 in rent arrears to the council after it has not been up to date on rent since June 2011 for the ground at Privett Park.

Cllr Hook said: ‘There’s an agreement in place and the council is happy with that.’

Julian Bowcher, borough treasurer at the council, said the club will now make 14 monthly payments of £500, in addition to the £500-a-month rent for Privett Park, with the possibility the club will pay the arrears sooner.

It comes after the disbandment of the club’s reserve team, which Cllr Hook said was not due to cost.

The club will now feed players from youth teams into the squad.