Gosport petrol station to close

The  BP Petrol Station, on Forton Road, Gosport
The BP Petrol Station, on Forton Road, Gosport
  • BP garage could be closing next month after staff receive letters saying they could be made redundant
  • Residents living nearby said it will be blow to the community as it is one of two 24-hour shops in Gosport
  • Petrol station is only one in town centre area, off the A32
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PLANS for a petrol station to be demolished and turned into a car park are a blow to the community.

That is view from people living near the BP garage in Forton Road, Gosport, after staff received a letter saying they could be made redundant.

It will be a blow to the community if the petrol station closes.

Councillor Peter Chegwyn

Residents heard the garage will be closed by the end of May and demolished.

They say losing the pumps and the 24-hour shop is bad news for the area.

Peter Chegwyn, borough councillor for Leesland, which covers Forton Road, said: ‘It will be a blow to the community if the petrol station closes. It is the only one at the bottom end of the A32 and is one of two shops in the whole of Gosport which is open 24 hours.

‘I know people who use it to get their gas or electricity if it runs out late at night or milk early in the morning.

‘A lot of taxi drivers use it as well.’

Cllr Chegwyn added he has heard rumours about what might happen to the land but does not know for sure.

‘Some people suggested that it might be turned into flats,’ he said.

‘But I have also heard that Lidl could be interested in buying the land to use as a car park.

‘They are right next door and their car park always looks busy.’

Residents have heard the same rumours.

Jack Bowles, of Forton Road, said: ‘I heard the garage is closing which is sad.

‘It’s a useful shop to have up the road although the petrol is more expensive than others in Gosport.

‘But it is the only garage in the town centre.

‘Without it, you have to face the traffic of the A32.’

Neighbour Marie Lox, 49, added: ‘I use the shop quite a lot and I couldn’t believe when I heard it could be closing. It always seems busy with people popping in their for little bits.

‘I feel sorry for the staff who could be losing their jobs.’

The garage is a franchise of BP but owned by HKS Retail which did not comment on its closure when approached by The News.