Halal delivery start-up is reaching £100,000 goal

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WITH over 30 days remaining in its campaign, a start-up company has reached 94 per cent of its funding goal.

HalalEat, the UK’s first Halal food delivery provider launched an equity Crowdfunding campaign to raise £100,000.

The London-based firm plans to deliver a diverse range of takeaway choices from curry to Caribbean, Chinese, Italian and more but all with halal meats. The company’s restaurant partners are situated in Portsmouth, Birmingham and East London.

The business, which has already raised £94,000, was created by founder and CEO Abul Rob.

Abul was on a business trip and found himself unable to easily order a takeaway containing halal meat.

Abul has experience working in the food delivery industry after stints with Just Eat and Hungry House.

It was in November 2015 that he came up with the idea for HalalEat and with over 3.1 million Muslims living in the UK, Abul is sure that he is reaching a huge, untapped demographic.

Abul said: ‘The takeaway economy is vast, with British people spending an estimated £9.9bn on takeaways in 2016. However, we know that a large percentage of the population feel underserved and unable to confidently order takeaway online from a platform they can trust to deliver food they can trust.’

‘We have big ambitions to go nationwide and we know that the market is ready. We are also currently developing a HalalEat app for smartphones and tablets so that consumers have access to 100 per cent halal food 100 per cent of the time.’