Have you herd? New Ewan dream sheep hits market

The new Ewan Deluxe
The new Ewan Deluxe
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A AWARD-winning business idea has received a new upgrade that is sure to make new mums and dads flock to their nearest superstore.

Ewan Deluxe is the brainchild of mum of six, Lynda Harding.

Based in Waterlooville, Lynda launched her SweetDreamers business seven years ago, offering products that help newborns nod off while giving parents their well deserved 40 winks.

Ewan Deluxe is the newest addition to the firm’s line of sleep aids, which saw the family business scoop Small Business of the Year and the Overall Business of the Year award at The News Business Excellence Awards 2018.

Ewan fans include Channing Tatum, Lily Allen and Amanda Holden, with the popular sheep making appearances on shows including This Morning and Born in Chelsea.

The new, grey Ewan has a smartCRY sensor, designed to automatically activate when a baby stirs during the night.

It also has a removable control pod so he can be washed in the washing machine and kept clean.

Just like the original Ewan, the item mimics the comfort of the womb with a soft pink glow and soothing sounds played. Sounds include a recording of a heartbeat and womb, a vacuum cleaner, rainfall and harp melody, all of which help to lull newborns and toddlers into a peaceful sleep.

Both light and sound displays feature a 20-minute timer so that they automatically shut off.

Lynda said: ‘We are so excited to send Ewan Deluxe out to work his magic. Our original Ewan the Dream Sheep has been such a success around the world, and our new Ewan Deluxe is sure to provide an even easier night’s sleep with his clever new functions. We can’t wait to see the reaction from parents!’