Help youngsters to build a career in construction

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NATIONAL Regional Property Group is encouraging young people to explore careers in construction.

The Portsmouth-based business took part in EBP South’s Big Bang @ Solent event in April, showcasing the variety of roles on offer in the industry.

The team also utilised the event, the biggest on the south coast for secondary school children aged 11-16, to push the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects.

NRPG Staff set up a stall with PMC Construction, based in Cosham, and spoke to youngsters about careers they might not have thought available in the sector.

There were also fun activities for visitors to attempt, including building structures out of Lego and balloons.

Jo Burfitt, of NRPG, said: ‘When young people think of construction they think about bricklaying, carpentry and being out on a muddy building site.

‘We want to open their eyes to the many different jobs that make up the industry, from planning and architecture to surveying, engineering and administration roles.’