Increase in number of pets on Brittany Ferries

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The number of pets travelling on Brittany Ferries has increased for the seventh year in a row.

According to latest figures for 2015, they totalled 67,462, up almost 17 per cent on 2014, and more than 78 per cent on 2008 figures.

To help with the demand, the company has expanded its range of pet-friendly hotels, campsites, gites, cottages and villas to more than 800.

Brittany Ferries also offers a pet-friendly property search option on its website, as well as a section dedicated to pet owners giving hints and tips, information on the pet passport scheme and customers’ testimonials.

Pet-friendly cabins are always the first to sell out on Brittany Ferries’ sailings.

They come with an attractive and hygienic laminate floor and offer plenty of room for a dog basket.