‘It’s frustrating ... how am I supposed to live like this in my home?’

Dave Rock at his home in''Milvil Court, Milvil Road, Lee-on-the-Solent
Dave Rock at his home in''Milvil Court, Milvil Road, Lee-on-the-Solent
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‘WE can barely live in our own homes – this has to stop.’

That is the message from a resident in Lee-on-the-Solent, who says that his life and those of his neighbours have been turned upside down by their letting agent.

He claims Daniels Harrison in Fareham told the residents of Milvil Court that construction work would start in March and be completed by July.

But fast forward to today, and the construction work is still ongoing – and the builders are nowhere to be seen, leaving residents’ homes in disarray.

Dave Rock, 60, has scaffolding in his living room and outside, which he says won’t be moving anytime soon.

He said: ‘There has been no progress for ages now.

‘It is incredibly frustrating – how on Earth can I live like this?’

Fellow resident Penny Dimmick says that the problems deeper.

‘The whole block needs fixing up to be honest,’ she said.

‘I have been in touch with a good number of experts and they say that the freeholder is in breach of lease, and that us residents should collectively sue him.

‘Some of us have been waiting for months for work to be done on our flats – we were each told to pay £1,000 to fund the maintenance work, and so far that money has done absolutely nothing for us. It simply is not good enough.’

Another resident, Jean Lemon, says that she has had problems with the building for almost a decade.

She said: ‘We have been having problems since 2008, when we first reported some damp spots to the freeholder.

‘It feels like it hasn’t stopped since then.’

Daniels Harrison’s manager for Milvil Court, Amanda Rickwood, was approached by The News, but refused to comment.