Ladies toast modern new office block in North Harbour with high tea by the lake

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TEA and cakes were enjoyed by the lake by women in business to mark the opening of a new business centre.

The event saw about 30 women from across Portsmouth take a tour of the new offices at 2000 Lakeside, North Harbour, Portsmouth.

Lakeside 2000 official opening took place on Friday 9th September.   Picture: Aidan Butler (161260-209)

Lakeside 2000 official opening took place on Friday 9th September. Picture: Aidan Butler (161260-209)

More office space has also opened up at 3000 Lakeside.

A toast of bubbly and jamjar cocktails was made to celebrate the occasion yesterday afternoon.

Karen Tyrrell, client and communications manager at Lakeside North Harbour, led the tour of the 100,000 sq ft of office space.

She said: ‘We have 1000 Lakeside which many people may already know, which is completely full, but a few weeks ago we launched 2000 and 3000.

‘We started the refurbishment back in November. We used construction company Bouygues UK to carry out the work for us.

‘It took six months to refurbish the space, including 80,000 sq ft of corridor space.’

The offices were originally part of the IBM headquarters. Last year the firm gave two buildings over to Lakeside, which underwent a £10m refurbishment lasting for 36 weeks.

Karen said: ‘The total refit was circa £10m.

‘It is absolutely lovely inside, it’s a lovely building which was built in the early 70s. We have kept a lot of the infrastructure inside, there’s some great office space. Some bits are quite industrial but there are some lovely break-pit office spaces for the businesses to use during the day.’

Along with a modern business lounge, there are terraces overlooking the lake, plus a courtyard and a 250-seat auditorium, which Karen said she wanted to see community groups using in the evenings and at weekend.

The offices first opened five weeks ago, and they are already home to software firm Lead Forensics.

On the tour was Becky Miles, the business liaison officer from the University of Portsmouth.

She said: ‘It has been beautifully refurbished, with a contemporary but warm feel.’

Fellow Lakeside occupiers Kim Way, from Changes Clinic, and Sue Ball, from Verisona Law, were also having a look around.

Sue said: ‘When we first moved into Lakeside in 2008 it was pretty much empty, but now it’s busy and vibrant.

‘The new offices are fabulous and I now have office envy. We thought our offices were great but these are newer and more modern.’

Kim added: ‘It is just stunning. It has still got a retro feel but it is very modern at the same time and very contemporary. It is lovely.’