LETTER OF THE DAY: ‘Cliff-edge’ Brexit

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The UK, if not driving on the road leading to a Brexit Beachy Head, is certainly heading along the road parallel to its edge.

The picture is more confused by not knowing who is driving the car or indeed whether there’s even a steering wheel.

It’s clear that given the potentially calamitous consequence of a No Deal, the government should now publish the secret studies it has prepared showing the impact on our economy in the event of a walk-out.

120 MPs have already signed a motion demanding publication of these studies and hopefully more will join them.

The reason for not making them public, it seems, is because they might undermine our negotiating position, as if certain members of the cabinet have not already done so.

There are at least two versions of what the referendum vote actually signalled to the government.

The head-banger tendency expected to get out whatever the cost or consequences but the more thoughtful Brexiteers, while voting out, want to know how much the final deal will cost to implement and how and who will pay for it?

Meanwhile, Theresa May is in the unenviable position of having to suffer several back seat drivers including an embarrassing foreign secretary and a dodgy sat nav designed by the Daily Mail.

Ray Cobbett

Beach Road, Emsworth