LISTED: The 50 biggest office grumbles

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The average worker spends the equivalent of two weeks a year GRUMBLING - with the top gripes about IT, air con and printers, a study has found.

The average worker spends the equivalent of two weeks a year GRUMBLING - with the top gripes about IT, air con and printers, a study has found.

Many complaints are about IT

Many complaints are about IT

Researchers say the typical employee will also find time to whine about unnecessary staff-all emails - and uncomfortable chairs.

Other problems which drive staff mad are the temperature of the office, commuting, people pulling sickies and a phone call just as you're about to leave.

Common gripes, which generally take up a total of 20 minutes of the working day, include the amount of junk mail received, being copied into emails that are of no concern and someone stealing a favourite mug.

In addition, irritable Brits can't stand it when someone smells out the office with stinky food, or turns on the freezing cold air conditioning.

IT issues form a major part of the top 50 list of grumbles - as workers complain about computers which are too slow or crash, printers jamming or breaking down and a bad phone signal - in the survey by international animal charity SPANA,


1. Getting a phone call when you're literally about to leave the office

2. Computers being slow

3. IT issues

4. The temperature being too low/high

5. No air conditioning

6. Computers crashing

7. Printers jamming or breaking down

8. Colleagues who are difficult to work with

9. When someone uses your desk when you're away and leaves it messy

10. Freezing cold air conditioning

11. Being in the office when the weather is lovely

12. Having meetings about meetings

13. People not replying to your emails

14. When someone calls in sick when you know they aren't ill

15. Being copied into emails that are of no concern

16. Colleagues who suck up to the boss

17. Colleagues who talk too much

18. People who loudly complain about how busy they are

19. People not saying thank you when you've helped them out

20. The commute

21. Someone constantly arriving late to work

22. The amount of junk mail received

23. People who ignore a ringing phone

24. Smelly food being eaten in the office

25. The phone ringing constantly

26. Someone taking credit for work you've done

27. Having to sit in long and tedious meetings

28. People speaking loudly

29. Returning from holiday to hundreds of emails

30. Office jargon (such as "touch base")

31. People who leave dirty dishes in the work sink

32. Unnecessary all-staff emails

33. Unrealistic deadlines

34. People not cleaning the microwave when their food spills

35. People who email out of normal working hours

36. Not having enough annual leave

37. An insensitive boss

38. People not listening to you when you talk and then asking you the same question 10 minutes later

39. People who inflict their mood swings on colleagues

40. An uncomfortable chair

41. Bosses who micromanage everything

42. Bad phone signal

43. The office gossip

44. People who expect the cleaners to tidy up all their mess

45. Someone stealing your favourite mug

46. Having to desk share or 'hot desk'

47. Embarrassing teambuilding exercises

48. Having to engage in small talk

49. Colleagues who don't shower regularly enough

50. Someone leaving their chair out in the middle of the aisle