Magma brought Maltese Falcon to life

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MAGMA Structures specialises in the construction of large, complex, composite structures for new builds such as superyachts.

The company, currently based at Trafalgar Wharf, in Portchester, employs skilled and qualified designers, engineers, manufacturers, and project managers.

They have experience in marine, oil and gas, wind energy, aerospace, and public art industries.

The company’s work includes creating an advanced ‘Dynarig’ for luxury yacht The Maltese Falcon.

The Magma team went on to spend over 90,000 design and development hours on the rig, the fittings, the sails and its sailing system. The luxury yacht was commissioned by American venture capitalist Tom Perkins. It is one of the largest privately owned sailing yachts in the world at 289ft. A statement from Magma technical advisor, Damon Roberts, on its website, said: ‘Since 1992, the Magma Structures team have been pioneering the design and development of high tech free-standing carbon rigs and advanced structures.

‘We offer clients an incredibly detailed and multifaceted design and manufacturing process for a diverse range of projects that can be built efficiently using light-weight carbon design.’