Manufacturer partners with Turkish distributor

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A GLOBAL manufacturer has named an Istanbul-based company its distributor of equipment in Turkey.

Straightpoint, which has offices in Havant, throughout the UK and the US, is enlisting the help of Onursan Ltd.

The overseas firm will now distribute Straightpoint’s load cells and other force measurement equipment in Turkey.

Onursan Ltd is a specialist supplier to the marine safety industry.

Its range includes marine fire fighting systems, services related to life-rafts and live boat davlt or winch equipment.

This new partnership will thrust Onursan’s entry into the modern load cell marketplace.

In the past, the company has only offered analogue and dated digital technologies.

Kyle Milne, technical sales engineer at SP, said: ‘The company’s work is entrenched in safety, which aligns Onursan perfectly with our range, in synergy with many of the marketplaces in which our equipment is used.

‘When working offshore and with fire or rescue equipment, there is no room for compromise on accuracy and reliability.

‘We look forward to working with Barbaros Onur and his team in the short and long-term future.’