McDonalds staff repaint Purbrook play park

McDonald's staff in the park
McDonald's staff in the park

STAFF from a Portsmouth McDonald's have spent some time out of work repainting a children's park.

Grant Copper, a Portsmouth franchisee, and 11 members of staff from his restaurants in Portsmouth repainted Purbrook Heath Children’s Park in Waterlooville, after they saw that it was in need of a refresh.

The team embarked on the challenge with the goal of improving the playground for the local residents.

The group painted the park’s equipment, which included a climbing frame, benches, a seesaw and swings.

McDonald’s have even used their iconic red and yellow colour scheme, whilst painting the playground.

Mr Copper owns 21 McDonald’s restaurants and has employed over 2,000 people across those restaurants

He said: ‘I’d like to thank my staff for getting involved. I was really proud to see everyone come together to improve the area. As a local franchisee I understand the impact my business can have in the community, and I and my staff will keep working to make a real difference to our city.’