Motivation woes for SMEs, says research

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SMALL businesses in the south east region are suffering from productivity issues, according to statistics.

Research compiled by energy supplier Opus Energy suggests that 86 per cent of SMEs are struggling with efficiency problems.

The firm says that these businesses need to re-evaluate business processes to inspire their employees.

Figures say that south east SMEs are trying to combat this with flexible work hours and financial bonuses.

Opus Energy COO Nikki Flanders said: ‘It’s a wake-up call to hear that 86 per cent of SMEs across the country are struggling with productivity.

‘Given the gravity of the situation, as business leaders, we need to think of different ways to engage with and energise our teams - we all know that our businesses are nothing without them.

‘My encouragement would be for small and medium businesses to take this opportunity to learn from each other and share best practices.

‘People are happiest when working in a role that suits them and their talents.’