Mum told to go elsewhere to change baby

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FURIOUS mum Helen Quinnell has hit out at a restaurant where she was told that if she wanted to change her baby, she should go to a nearby supermarket.

The 35-year-old was in Cafe Tusk, in West Street, Fareham, when she took eight-month-old Molly to the toilets to change her nappy.

Helen and Daniel Quinnell with their daughter Molly. Picture: Sarah Standing (150368-3682)

Helen and Daniel Quinnell with their daughter Molly. Picture: Sarah Standing (150368-3682)

As the restaurant did not have a dedicated baby-change facilities, she asked the manager if she could change Molly in the ladies’ toilets using the changing mat she had brought with her.

Mrs Quinnell said she was left shocked and embarrassed when he said she could not and said that if she wanted to change her baby she should use the facilities at the nearby Tesco supermarket.

Mrs Quinnell was with her husband Daniel and her sister Christelle Fowler when they went into the restaurant after church on Sunday, March 1.

She said: ‘The manager said “we don’t allow it” I came out to my sister in shock and said “they won’t let me change my baby”.

‘I couldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t go back there again ever.

‘It made me feel really insecure. Never in my life would I leave a dirty baby.’

Another group that was eating in the restaurant at the same time became so infuriated when they overheard what happened, they raised the issue with the waiter, which resulted in an argument.

They were then asked to leave when things got heated.

Mrs Quinnell’s group paid up and left, but vowed never to go back to the Indian restaurant.

Restaurant manager Mosud Ahmed apologised for the ‘misunderstanding’.

He said: ‘It is a misunderstanding. We do not have a baby change room but most people change in the ladies, so we let them do it.

‘The waiter was just trying to say that there is a dedicated baby change room at Tesco if they preferred.

‘They can change in the toilet but there is not much room. We have a ladies, a gents and a disabled but no baby-change room.

‘There are lots of families that have come in here and nobody has complained in nine years.’

Mr Ahmed said that he has spoken to the staff in question and that he will be installing a baby change unit.

He said: ‘I will put a baby change unit in then it will be easier in future.’

Mrs Quinnell, who is staying with her sister in Paulsgrove, said she would like to hear from the other family.

She added: ‘It is good that they are making changes but I am still shocked by what happened.’