New design for Spinnaker Tower after backlash over red and white paint job

Backlash against this proposed design for the Spinnaker Tower has prompted a U-turn
Backlash against this proposed design for the Spinnaker Tower has prompted a U-turn
  • Donna Jones says new design reflecting ‘city’s heritage’ will be worked up for Spinnaker Tower
  • U-turn follows backlash from Pompey fans over red and white proposal
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Plans to paint the Spinnaker Tower in a new red and white colour scheme have been scrapped following a fierce public backlash.

Councillor Donna Jones says she is working with on a new proposal that reflects ‘the city’s heritage’ and one that is not solely just red and white.

Emirates has bought the naming rights to the tower and it was revealed on Friday it would be coated in red, as it is one of the company’s main corporate colours, in time for the America’s Cup World Series next month.

But nearly 10,000 people have signed a petition against the move, as they believe the design would resemble that of Southampton Football Club.

Boos resounded throughout Fratton Park yesterday over the controversy after Madness guitarist Chrissy Boy asked the crowd what they thought.

So now Cllr Jones wants to settle the situation and ensure the people of Portsmouth are happy.

The Tory leader said she had spoken with Emirates and the chief executive of Portsmouth FC to come up with a new design.

She said: ‘As Leader of the City Council I have been extremely worried and concerned about the strong public response to the design of the Spinnaker Tower following the announcement of the Emirates deal.

‘I am passionate about this city; I was born here and have lived here all my life. Everything I do as Leader of the City Council is to further this city and improve the living conditions for the residents.

‘Likewise I love Portsmouth Football Club, the Royal Navy and our heritage. I fully understand people’s feelings about ‘blue’ being the city’s colour and the city emblem.

‘That’s why I have read, listened, and taken on board all the comments that have been tweeted, emailed, and sent to me on Facebook and other social media. I only want to do what is best, and more importantly so do Emirates as our new partners who are keen to have a strong relationship with the city.

‘I am pleased to advise that after working with Emirates over the weekend, and having spoken to Mark Catlin, chief executive of Portsmouth FC, and other key stakeholders, we are working up a new design for the Tower. The design will reflect the city’s heritage.’