New MP Flick Drummond questions need for Minister for Portsmouth

Flick Drummond
Flick Drummond
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THE jury is still out on whether there will be a minister for Portsmouth – but one of the city’s MPs has questioned whether it is even needed.

Dozens of names have been announced for senior roles as part of the cabinet reshuffle.

But there has been no word yet from Downing Street about the Minister for Portsmouth role.

Flick Drummond, the newly-elected Conservative MP for Portsmouth South, told The News: ‘Now we have got two strong voices for Portsmouth, I hope I would be able to provide that strong voice.

‘If we get somebody that’s going to make a difference, fair enough.

‘Otherwise I hope I will be able to shout out for Portsmouth at Westminster which is exactly what my role is going to be.’

Michael Fallon became the first Minister for Portsmouth in January last year to help the city recover from the loss of shipbuilding.

Last July the role went to Matthew Hancock, who has now become the minister for the cabinet office in the latest reshuffle.