New range of homemade toiletries from Southsea company

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Southsea Bathing Hut has released two new products inspired by the oft-forgotten soap-making aspect of Ports-mouth’s heritage.

The first of the two new lines is the Southsea Bathing Hut Blooming Bath and Shower Oil, which comes in a number of fragrances including Ooh-La-Lavender, Mint Overboard, and Lemon Soul with Sweet Orange.

Company founder Samantha Worsey said: ‘The Blooming Bath and Shower Oil transforms your bath into a milky oasis.’

The second product is the company’s Botanical Steam range, a concept Ms Worsey discovered whilst researching artisan cosmetics trends in the United States.

‘In America, products like this are known as facial steams,’ she added.

‘They are really popular and we are one of the only companies making them in the UK.

‘I think they’re going to be really big for us.’

Each botanical steam is a blend of fragrant dried flowers. Using them for weekly steaming softens skin, clears sinuses, and relaxes the mind.

Ms Worsey aims to establish the Southsea Bathing Hut by learning traditional cold-process soap-making and developing a range of original Portsmouth Soaps.

All of her products are made in a similar way to how they would have been produced back in Victorian times, all by hand.

Ms Worsey will have her products for sale on the first Saturday and Sunday of every month at the Love Southsea Street Markets in Palmerston Road.

n In a previous article in The News, it was said that the Southsea Bathing Hut would be among 100 small businesses meeting the Chancellor at Downing Street this year.

It was in fact at a Christmas Fair last year.