Online star joins city garage’s tyre campaign

From left, Matt Dickson, Protyre's area manager and YouTube star Tim Burton
From left, Matt Dickson, Protyre's area manager and YouTube star Tim Burton
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A GARAGE in Portsmouth has teamed up with one of the world’s most famous online motoring personalities to launch an awareness campaign.

For Tyre Safety Month, which runs through October, Protyre Portsmouth has joined forces with YouTube, Instagram and Facebook star Tim Burton.

The campaign aims to demonstrate why worn tyres are dangerous and a risk not work taking.

In the film, Tim, known as Shmee150 on his YouTube channel, approaches Protyre for a test.

The motoring enthusiast is shown the effect worn tyres have on steering and stopping, and why cheap tyres are usually not worth their apparently bargain prices.

Tim said: ‘I was shocked to learn that as many as one in four tyres in use on our roads are already at or below the legal limit, so when Protyre invited me to come and find out what this means in practice I jumped at the opportunity.

‘I spent a day with the team trying different tyres back to back and was amazed at the difference in how they performed.’

As well as the video, the garage have set themselves a task to remove 600 dangerous and illegal tyres from Hampshire roads throughout October. The team will perform safety checks on at least 2,500 tyres.

The company is aiming to perform around 300,000 safety checks.

Matt Dickson, Protyre’s area manager said: ‘We feel it’s really important to support Tyre Safety Month and take the lead in promoting tyre safety to our community..

‘We want to help educate people about regularly checking the condition of their tyres to make sure they’re not only legal, but also safe.’