Pair hope to shed some light with LED business

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A NEW business has been set up in Gosport specialising in LED lamps, fittings and associated accessories.

JustLED Lighting has opened at Regents Trade Park in Barwell Lane, and it is the brainchild of Andy Birch and Anthony Yi Choi Cheung. With over 60 years’ combined experience in the electrical sector, Andy and Anthony decided to set up their own business to inform others of the many benefits of LED lighting.

Andy said: ‘LED lighting is not new but the advances, even in recent months, have been extraordinary.

‘The speed at which the industry is discovering new techniques and making an already exceptional product even more efficient and user-friendly, is breathtaking.

‘Almost every week, another discovery or advance is made; better economy, manufacturing techniques, miniaturisation, heat control, clarity, all vital to the end product.’

As manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers, JustLED Lighting is open to the trade and public, also online at

As well as producing goods at two factories in China, it sells various products made by others.

Andy and Anthony are keen to spread the word with Andy visiting various small venues to give talks on the benefits of LED lighting.

Andy said: ‘Some of the benefits are widely known but not many people realise that their clarity of vision may improve in an area lit with the correct type of LED lamp, or that a business may save up to 15 per cent of their electricity, or that if a full refit is carried out then the expenditure may be reclaimed in tax revenue.

‘There’s a long list of benefits and advantages to LED.’