Plaques to be unveiled marking Portsmouth as home of badminton

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A monument is to be unveiled in Portsmouth to mark it being the home of badminton.

The first badminton association in the world was founded in the city at 6 Waverley Grove on September 13, 1893.

The association was instrumental in establishing the rules which shaped the game and a panel to mark this is being put up at nearby Wimbledon Park Sports Centre.

The panel, which will read ‘Portsmouth: Home of Badminton’, will be unveiled at 3pm on Monday by Geoff Rofe, president of Badminton England, along with the chair of Hampshire Badminton Diane Troke, chair of Hampshire Badminton and Steve Frampton, the principal of Portsmouth College.Ahead of this, a blue plaque will be unveiled in High Street, Old Portsmouth at the former home of Marjorie Henderson, who was a local badminton champion.