Plasterer’s pride as his invention goes on sale

Grant Bramble has invented the Bulk Bag Buddy
Grant Bramble has invented the Bulk Bag Buddy
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AFTER 20 years of struggling to fill bulk bags as they folded in on themselves, Grant Bramble decided to do something about it.

The 38-year-old, who is a plasterer by trade, designed, patented and manufactured a fold-away frame that acts as a support.

His invention – called The Bulk Bag Buddy – is now available to buy.

Mr Bramble, of Oakwood Road, Hilsea, said: ‘I wanted to create a solution to a problem that I and many of my colleagues face on a daily basis.

‘Having a bag collapse inwards, as you’re trying to fill it, is an everyday annoyance.

‘After designing the initial frame, I realised that the Bulk Bag Buddy has so many different applications.’

His simple, yet clever, device prevents bulk bags from collapsing as they are filled. It has a multitude of uses including storing sand, collecting waste and recycling. The adjustable frame slots together in minutes.

The Bulk Bag Buddy is £25.99 and is available to buy direct online from and through Tradefix Direct at