Pompey hoping for a repeat of the success of Madness appearance

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THE Madness gig at Fratton Park has been hailed a huge success and now Pompey’s chief executive says there could be more concerts in future.

About 13,000 people went to Fratton Park’s first concert on Saturday.

Now, Mark Catlin has said the concert was a huge financial success overall.

He said: ‘The final figures haven’t been done, but it was a worthwhile event for the club.

‘It is a great money-spinner for the club and definitely worthwhile doing it.

‘Pretty much universally we had support, which when you are putting on any event it is very, very difficult.

‘From a staff point of view, people who attended, from the band’s point of view, I don’t think it can be classed as anything other than a massive success.

‘We’ve already had the discussion whether to stage another Fratton Park concert.

‘It took a hell of a lot of time and effort from everyone to put it on.

‘There was a lot of logistical hurdles which had to be cleared but finally 
it was a fantastic success for us, so 
you have to weigh the two things 

Now Mr Catlin is hoping to welcome another band on to the Fratton Park turf.

‘If we could get a band similar to Madness, which we pretty much knew would pack out Fratton Park again and there was general support for the idea from the council, the staff, the board and the fans, it is definitely something we would look at again in the future,’ he added.

Mr Catlin added: ‘It doesn’t matter how well organised it is, ultimately it comes down to the quality of the band and how well-received that is by supporters.

‘Madness was great for the city because it struck a chord with the people of the city because they are much of that taste.

‘But nothing has been decided and we will be having a look at that as the season progresses.’