Portsmouth beats Southampton in survey of best places to live

Sunrise over the Spinnaker Tower. Picture: Maureen Close
Sunrise over the Spinnaker Tower. Picture: Maureen Close
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Portsmouth has come out ahead of its neighbouring city Southampton is a survey of the best places to live.

The list was compiled by credit card comparison site ‘Totally Money’ which used indicators including average mortgage price, median wages, the cost of living and the health of the job market.

Blackburn comes top of the list of 64, ahead of Derby and Cambridge. Portsmouth gets eleventh place, and Southampton comes in at number 20, with Brighton at number 23.

London is 26th while Gloucester is the worst place on the list.

Property expert Kate Faulkner said: “We regularly hear about the issues of ‘affordability’ that the younger generation are facing.

“What this analysis clearly shows is that it is still possible to strike a balance between work and play and there are towns and cities you can live in with successful economies where homes and a good standard of living are still affordable.

“So if you want to achieve a great work-life balance, it is worth researching the areas identified.”

Alastair Douglas, TotallyMoney.com CEO, said: ”Far too often, only house prices are taken into account when trying to identify the best place to live. And this can produce some very misleading results.

“When we take into consideration job prospects and the cost of living as well as property prices we start to see a very different picture - some of the UK’s less frequently celebrated places start to look much more attractive.”

For the full list, go to totallymoney.com.