Portsmouth MP backs clampdown on bosses of firms making nuisance calls

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THE MP for Portsmouth South has welcomed plans to fine company directors up to £500,000 if their business makes nuisance phone calls.

Firms offering to claim back mis-sold payment protection or ringing to ask if people have been involved in a car accident are some of the major culprits.

But under a new law coming into force next spring, directors will now be personally liable for breaches of Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) regulations and not just their business.

Flick Drummond said: ‘This is a persistent problem affecting many people in Portsmouth South and it’s very welcome news the government is cracking down on the unscrupulous practices of these businesses.

‘To be constantly bombarded with calls, especially for vulnerable people, causes a great deal of anxiety, so anything that will fine those who undertake bad practice and also deter the businesses in the first place by imposing substantial fines for wrongdoing is a great step forward.’