Portsmouth MP urges city not to rush decision over future of school pool

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THE MP for Portsmouth North is urging for council bosses to think ‘long and hard’ before considering plans to axe a school swimming pool.

The authority is preparing to look at whether Springfield School’s pool should be axed and replaced with a gym to cope with a rise in student places.

Though pool supporters have already questioned whether the Drayton facility could be axed due to the need to save money. It was also said the pool has been out of action due a water quality issue.

Penny Mordaunt said: ‘As a general rule, I don’t like pools being closed because we have so few.

‘Going to the gym keeps you fit.

‘But learning to swim is a life-long skill and if you are living in Portsmouth, then learning to swim is probably a good thing.

‘So I am all in favour of pools being retained in the city. Ms Mordaunt added: ‘Once they are gone, they are lost forever.

‘I would ask people to very long and hard taking that decision.’

Tory education boss, Cllr Neill Young, last week said about the plans, ‘As a city, we need more secondary school places.

‘To help with this, we are looking at potential ways to expand several schools including Springfield.

‘There are a number of ways we could expand Springfield, including an option that includes redeveloping the pool area as a sports hall gymnasium space.’