Portsmouth MP urges people to check electrical appliances

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THE MP for Portsmouth South is urging people to check their electrical appliances this winter to ensure they are safe to use.

Decades-old appliances are often unsafe through wear and tear or are not built to modern safety standards and this can lead to fires, says Flick Drummond.

She’s supporting a campaign by charity Electrical Safety First, which is urging older people to look at their appliances and get them checked to ensure they’re safety is not put in jeopardy.

Mrs Drummond said: ‘Electricity causes 20,000 house fires a year.

‘Some 350,000 people a year are seriously injured and 70 are killed by an electrical accident in the home, so this is a major problem but one that can be avoided.

‘Everyone should check out Electrical Safety First’s website and make sure that their own appliances and those of their elderly relatives are working well, up to date and used safely.’

More information is available at: electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk