Portsmouth South MP backs bid to curb coal power production

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THE MP for Portsmouth South has welcomed a government commitment to end the dirtiest form of coal power generation in the UK.

Ministers have pledged to phase out coal power by 2025, and restrict its use from 2030 with a forecast that the so-called dirty ‘unabated’ coal generation will be uneconomic by 2030.

Unabated coal means any power stations not fitted with carbon capture and storage technology, which captures harmful emissions and helps in the fight against global warming.

Flick Drummond said: ‘Although coal powered us to global prominence during the industrial revolution, it is a dirty energy and there are now many alternatives, particularly renewable energy in the form of wind and solar power, so it’s right this decision has been made.

‘Anyone who cares about the environment and public health will welcome this pledge. Now is the time for the UK to move into a new era of energy production and become a world leader in it.’

The government has also launched a consultation, which closes on February 1 next year, on imposing emissions limits on coal power stations.