Portsmouth students brave elements in outdoor challenge

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BEING sent out at night on the South Downs to solve tasks with a team of people you’ve never met before might seem like a strange way to land the job of your dreams.

But one Portsmouth student believes she now has the tools – and the data – she needs to stand out from the 600,000 graduates entering the job market every year.

Abbie Nye, 20, who is studying marine biology at the University of Portsmouth, was one of hundreds of young people who put their teamwork, planning and communication skills under stress as part of the Gradbridge Award.

The scheme puts students in touch with companies including Lloyds Bank, Deloitte and Mars, requires undergraduates to complete a series of physically and mentally challenging tasks under pressure with performance data generated by an electronic data chip worn on their wrists.

Abbie said: ‘I like being in the outdoors, doing activities and building up my teamwork skills so it was a great experience.

‘It’s about working with both small and big groups of people, and the networking evening was good too.’