Power specialist chosen to supply city institute xx

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A POWER specialist has been selected to supply back-up power to a university.

Powertecnique, which is based in Whiteley will take on the role at the Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester, which is due to be completed early next year.

The centre is the home of research into pure carbon, the world’s thinnest, strongest and most conductive material.

Powertecnique has supplied a rooftop standby diesel generator.

Darren Pearce, managing director, said: ‘The equipment supports mains failure so that if there is a disruption to mains power in any way, the generator can start up and power the essential supplies.

‘This generator in particular is employed to keep the ventilation systems to the building going, in order to maintain the controlled environments in the laboratories and clean rooms.’

Powertecnique’s ground-level fuel tank will pump fuel to the generator through a line with double-skinned pipework and an intervening wall.

It will be constantly monitored so if there is any breach from the outside or inside the fuel line, it can be immediately detected and shut down to prevent damage to the generator or connected equipment.

Mr Pearce added: ‘There are thousands of metres of pipework running through this building so we had to ensure that we found the best route through for the fuel to reach the generator, while not disturbing the other pipework. Our engineers worked alongside the client and team on site to tailor a solution and find a suitable route for the pipework to take.’