Powerboat legend Alan Priddy says Portsmouth traffic chaos must be sorted out

Alan Priddy
Alan Priddy
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Powerboat adventurer Alan Priddy has warned ‘traffic chaos’ in Portsmouth must end as it is damaging the city’s reputation and prospects.

And he said the solution is to reverse the changes that have been made on the network that is making everyone’s life a misery.

Hayling-based Mr Priddy, who holds several world records, said: ‘The traffic situation is damaging Portsmouth. It’s a nightmare and it’s become a joke.

‘I don’t go into Portsmouth town centre any more. It’s not worth the hassle.

‘It’s not just traffic that is an issue, but everything that comes with it - stress, fuel burn, the increase in the risk of accidents. We can’t go on into the summer like this.

‘It’s chaotic at the moment and everybody knows it’s happening. Everybody knows the solution - turn the clock back to how things were before.’