Pub landlady becomes a mentor after weight loss

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A PUB landlady has lost over eight stone and is now becoming a Portsmouth mentor for weight loss firm, LighterLife.

Sarah Payne is landlady at The Baffins pub and, in 2016, she signed up to LighterLife in a bid to lose weight.

Sarah said: ‘At the pub we serve food for nine hours a day.

‘The smells wafting around make it pretty hard for me to not think about food.

‘When I’m at home and cooking for the family I’d catch myself finishing the kids’ leftovers, a chicken nugget here, a few chips there.

‘I would forget all about those hidden calories.

‘When I joined LighterLife it was the rapid rate of weight loss and unique group support that appealed to me.

‘The group work is the element that inspires you, helps you think about what you eat, and more importantly, why you eat.’

Sarah was so impressed with her LighterLife experience that she decided to sign up as a Portsmouth mentor to help other people in Portsmouth achieve their weight loss goals.

Sarah has asked people to reach out to her if they need help.

Sarah said: ‘Losing weight and keeping it off starts in your head.

‘I understand what you’re going through and will be your trusted friend, who can offer real advice, throughout your journey and beyond.’