Pub punter warns of parking charge notices in Stubbington

A sign showing the parking restrictions brought in to the car park at the Red Lion in Stubbington
A sign showing the parking restrictions brought in to the car park at the Red Lion in Stubbington
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A PUB punter has spoken out to warn others after a ‘fake’ traffic warden tried to charge him £85 for parking in a pub’s car park.

Chris Sharpe, from Lee-on-the-Solent, fell foul of restrictions at the Red Lion in Stubbington and he now wants to warn others so they can avoid doing the same thing.

The 65-year-old visited the pub with his wife for a meal, and when they left, they spotted a worker from Britannia Parking, which manages the car park, issuing them with an £85 parking charge notice.

He said: ‘We saw a man outside the pub in the car park in a van. He got out and went to my car and was putting a parking ticket on my car.

‘He looked like a traffic warden, with his uniform you would think he was an official if you didn’t look carefully.

‘It was frightening to see this strange man in uniform.

‘He looked like a traffic warden and you could easily have mistaken him for one.

‘I went out and had a word with him and he said you should’ve put your details in the book.’

The system, brought in by pub owners Greene King, allows customers to park as long as they give their registration plate number to staff when ordering at the bar.

Mr Sharpe said this wasn’t explained to him at the bar and he didn’t spot the signs.

Although he still recommends the pub.

‘We have been going to the Red Lion for years,’ he said.

‘I recommend it as it’s a good pub but just don’t take your car or you might be in for a surprise.’

A spokesman for the pub said: ‘Stubbington residents and visitors will know that parking is tricky in the area.

‘To ensure our customers are able to benefit from our car park, we introduced a parking system. There’s extensive signage both inside and outside the pub and car park areas, reminding customers that they must log their vehicle’s registration details on their arrival.

‘The pub’s management also checks with customers to see if they have signed the log book.’

The spokesman also said it had requested Britannia Parking cancels Mr Sharpe’s parking charge notice.

Britannia Parking was contacted numerous times for a response but failed to comment.