READER’S OPINION: The closure of The Leopold will be a loss to the whole community

The Leopold public house in Southsea is closing
The Leopold public house in Southsea is closing
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To quote from Enterprise Inns’ website ‘Our publicans support local businesses.

‘We offer an extensive range of regional and craft beers to our publicans. We work closely with the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) through whose distribution network our publicans can access many regional microbrewery products. ‘Our publicans also recognise that by sourcing local fresh produce they are not only providing their customers with great quality but also supporting local businesses and the community.’

So, that will be why they have forced the closure of one of the best and most popular pubs in Portsmouth, The Leopold Tavern in Albert Road (Shock as popular city pub announces closure. Feb 15).

By them increasing the rent to an inviable level the doors will close on this great pub, after recently being crowned Camra Pub of the Year.

Jobs will be lost, the community will lose another place to meet friends old and new, local businesses will lose revenue.

So, what next for the Leopold? Another supermarket? Costa or Starbucks? What about the supermarkets already there? What about the local independent coffee shops along the road?

It would be nice to think one day when big money says it supports local business it will actually mean it.

I need a pint and I know where I’m going, while I still can.

*This letter was submitted to The News by Mike Wines of Pretoria Road, Southsea