Repairer puts in seven days a week – and has even slept in a garage

John Skaskiewicz of Auto Cosmetics in Gosport''. Picture: Paul Jacobs (150056-2)
John Skaskiewicz of Auto Cosmetics in Gosport''. Picture: Paul Jacobs (150056-2)
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Working seven days a week and at times sleeping in his garage has not put off determined John Skaskiewicz from running his own business.

John set up his firm Auto Cosmetics in Gosport after working for bodyshops in Horndean and Fareham since he left school at 16.

Last year he launched the Morelands Road bodyshop after working flat out to get it open – but the work did not stop there.

He said: ‘I started with no work lined up.

‘Believe it or not I’ve got a list of contacts but I’ve not even picked up the phone to them. It’s been crazy.

‘I’ve worked in the area lot and people and garages do know me.’

The 34-year-old has done little advertising but has opened a Facebook page advertising his work online to its members.

He said around 60 per cent of his work has come from this page.

‘I was doing updates about the work in progress,’ he said.

‘It’s just gone from there. Probably about 60 per cent of the people have come in have some connection with Facebook.

‘I’ve not really done any advertising – it’s down to that really.’

But as a one-man operation he works seven days a week.

John added: ‘It’s just myself. There was the day where I actually came in on a Wednesday morning at 8am and I didn’t leave until 4.30pm Thursday.

‘I laid down at the workshop floor and had an hour and a half sleep.

‘At the end of the day this place is going to be what makes my life.’

He added his wife Lysney, 32, has supported him hugely when he was worried the business was not going to work.

John, who started as a window fitter when he left school, quickly switched to working on car body repairs, which he has stuck with since.

He said: ‘I’ve been in car body repair since I left school.’

More recently he worked at a garage while setting up his own business, working evenings and weekends from July 2013 before opening his own business in June 2014. That was followed by six months of flat out work.

‘I’ve done six months of going flat out at it,’ he said.

‘Last year the guy that I worked for the last 13 years retired.

‘I would have purchased the business but in the current climate the business wasn’t doing so well.’

John’s firm specialises in bodyshop repairs, mainly for vehicles involved in accidents.

He works on vehicles that need two or three days of repairs and specialises in colour-matching.

Anyone who wants to get in touch with John can call (023) 9250 2695 or visit the garage at Morelands Road, in Gosport.

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