Research shows rural firms confident in Brexit

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RURAL tourism businesses in the south east say they will not let Brexit stop them from expanding and diversifying, a new snapshot survey shows.

In the research, conducted by the CLA – the membership organisation for owners of land, property and businesses in rural England and Wales – 70 per cent say leaving the EU would make no tangible difference, with three quarters confident about the future.

There was an even split of those who think it will have a positive impact and those who can see negative consequences.

Regional director Robin Edwards said: ‘It is clear that many rural tourism businesses are determined not to be impacted by Brexit.

‘But that is not to say Brexit will not have an influence on other areas of the rural economy.

‘Much still needs to be done by the government to reassure and support businesses before, during and after the transition period.’

The survey found the main challenges presented by Brexit were political and economic uncertainty (31 per cent), followed by the fall in the value of the pound (27 per cent).